RETO, China's first America-listed company, specializes in fully automatic block making machines for 20 years. We can offer you fully automatic block machines, paving block making machines, concrete block making machines, tufftile machines with high quality and prompt service. Welcome to get quality products from us.
Horizontal Pull Holes Device
Horizontal Pull Holes Device is used for interlocking brick,water conservancy block,slope protection block,special blocks,etc.
Reto sanitary sewage treatment solutions
The 19th Congress report of Republic of China puts forward the strategy of rural revitalization. Ecological treatment as a very important field caused more and more attention.
PVC plastic pallet
PVC and calcium powder are mixed and stirred evenly, and granulated by granulator. The raw material of granulation is put into extruder and extruded. The thickness of product is pressed by a set thickness rolling machine. Finally, the length and width of product are cut.
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