Automatic Block Production Line Model-B
2019-06-19 14:26
This production line will be the economical fully automatic systems compared with production line A to reduce cost investment cost of the handling systems. Instead of 12 layers finger car and curing chamber, this production line will adopt 6 layers elevator and lowerator aimed at reducing the huge cost of the curing chamber and complicated basement works.
High quality products: patent multi-shafts vibrator combines floating vibration table make concrete products even and compact. With off-mold brake and pallet position device guarantees product quality from details.
Prolong equipment life: Cruising technique keeps motor temperature. Hydraulic drive compulsory feeding which is durable for batching rough material. 
Batching and Mixing System
Fast & even mixing: planetary mixer. 
Accurate water cement ratio: brand microwave moisture measurement.  
Accurate weighing: computer control.

Cubing System
High Stability:independent hydraulic station. 
Accurate cubing: digital encoder& Inverter. 
Avoid products drop out: gear-rack transmitting ensures stable movement of cuber.
6 Layers Handling System
Accurate positioning: multi-positioning & patent driven system. 
Stable movement: variable frequency technique. 
Unattended operation: safety engineering such as self-locked & interlocking.
Automatic control and management system 
Adopt world-famous brand components.
Mature visualized software easy to operate, with auto error diagnosis and remote control function


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