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The concrete mixer includes the power mechanism connected by the roller and the transmission mechanism, the drum driven by the transmission mechanism, the gear ring arranged around the drum cylinder body and the gears arranged on the drive roller matched with the gear ring.
The utility model has the following simple and reasonable structure, and can effectively overcome the skidding between the wheel and the mixer drum when the gear and gear ring are meshed in fog weather. The transmission mechanism adopted can further ensure the elimination of skidding between the wheel and the mixer drum.
Safety in operation
1. The mixer should be set in a flat position, and use square wood to pad the front and rear wheel axles, so that the tires can be suspended to avoid moving.
2. The mixer shall curry out secondary class electric leakage protection. After the power is switched on before work, it shall be checked carefully and start to use after the empty vehicle test is qualified.
In the test run, it should be checked whether the rotating speed of the mixing barrel is appropriate. In general, the speed of empty vehicle (after loading) is slightly faster than 2~3 revolutions. If there is a large difference, the ratio between the driving wheel and the driving wheel should be adjusted.
3. The rotation direction of the mixing barrel should conform to the direction indicated by the arrow; in case of inconsistency, the motor wiring should be corrected.
4. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is good, and whether there is no obstacle around and lubrication of each part, etc.
5. After starting up, always pay attention to whether the operation of all parts of the mixer is normal.
6. When the concrete has been mixed or is expected to stop for more than 1h, in addition to net the remaining material, gravel and water shall be used to pour into the shaker, turn it on and rinse the mortar on the barrel and then all out.
There shall be no water accumulation in the barrel to avoid rusting of the barrel and blade.
At the same time, it should clean up the dust accumulation outside the mixing drum to keep the machine clean and intact.
7. After work and when not in use, the power shall be switched off and the switch box shall be locked to ensure safety.
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