RTQT15 Block Making Machine
2019-06-19 14:36

Block Making Machine RTQT15
RTQT15 model block making machine is considered the biggest  block making machine in Asia due to its fully automation and the high capacity. 
With the sub-system of intelligent control and management system including power panel, control desk, monitor display and PC computer, the operator can operate the equipment easily and get the operative information of equipment by the friendly interface, data input and output, diagram display. The system can record production data and operation data easily to reduce the adjustment time for new products. 
SERVO motor cubing system working like robot--fast,even and smoothly
Due to its enlarged working area and also height, it has a wide range of products with amazing capacity, such normal solid blocks, Hollow blocks, grass pavers, and even hydraulic blocks, kerbstones which has a height requirement on machines. All the parts of the machine are from the world famous companies such as Siemens PLC, ABB Motors, Omron sensors, Yuken Valves, Toshiba Inverters, and so on. Our CE certified brick machines are increasingly popular with customers from USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Algeria, Libya, Russia and Pakistan ,Qatar and other countries.
Beijing REIT Technology Development Co.,Ltd is one of the best block making machine RTQT15 manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer you fully automatic paver block machine, concrete paver machine, bricks making machine with CE. Welcome to get quality products from us.
With German technology and quality, fully automatic. All the parts of the machine are from the world famous companies such as Siemens PLC, ABB Motors, Omron sensors, Yuken Valves, Toshiba Invertersthe,etc. Friendly interface is so intelligent that it can guide the trouble-shooting point;one click, all reset, low speed cruise function greatly pro-long the life-time of vibrating motor, PLC telecommand control enable quick trouble-shooting in difference places, that reduced the burden of clients,smooth running and economical price. Servo motor make the auto-cubing more stable and accurate, can reach to 0.001mm in precise positioning,and sensitive response and also good synchronization effect. It can be stopped immediately against the inertia;and as well pleasant resistance to overload ability and lower noisy.Our CE citified brick machine are increasingly popular with customers from USA, India, Algeria, Libya, Russia and other countries.
●Reasonable structure, high rigidity
●Fast mould change device
●Vibration frequency and vibration amplitude are controllable
●Floating vibration table
●Cruising vibration technique
●Proportional pressure control in hydraulic system
●Fast, even feeding with agitator
●Sienmens S7 control system
●Preheater and qir cooling or water cooling device to control the temperature of hydraulic oil
●Remote diagnosis,troubleshooting
●Finger car system using bluetooth technology

Pallet Size 1400*1150*16mm (steel)
Minimum Product Heigh 60mm
Maximum Product Heigh 450mm
Operation Cycle 15-30s (depengds on the product)
Capacity per Pallet 400*200*200mm (15 PCS)
Vibration Motor 2*15kw
Up Mould Vibration Motor 2*1.1kw
The power of hydraulic station 58.7kw
The rated pressure of hydraulic station 16MPa
Volume of base mixer 1500L
Overall dimension 7800*2800*3600(4000)mm
Machine weight App22ton

  RTQT15 block making machine can be used to make hollow and solid blocks, pavers, kerbstones and other concrete products. 

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