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Working principle
The main working parts of spraying machine are double-acting pneumatic and hydraulic booster pump, and the reversing mechanism is a special type of pilot all-pneumatic valve distribution reversing device. After the compressed air enter , when the piston moves to the upper or lower end of the cylinder, the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve acts to control the air flow instantaneously to push the valve distribution device to change direction, thus making the piston of the pneumatic motor move steadily and continuously back and forth. Because the piston is rigidly connected with the plunger in the paint plunger pump, and the area of the piston is larger than the area of the plunger. Therefore, the inhaled  paint is pressurized. The pressurized coating is transported to the airless spray gun through a high-pressure hose, and the hydraulic pressure is released at the airless nozzle. After instantaneous atomization, the coating is sprayed onto the surface of target, forming a coating layer.
maintenance methods
1, spray line spray room maintenance. If the air supply system of the spray cabinet is blocked or has too much dust, the air filter cotton should be replaced, and open the spray cabinet rear end clean the oil filter system three days once. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the oil and add grease to the conveyor chain occasionlly.
2, oil supply system maintenance. When the spraying machine stops, it needs to open the paint return valve to make the paint flow back to the ink tank, take out ink tank, pour clean solvent into the mixing barrel and start the oil pump, open the return valve and spray gun to the maximum, let the clean solvent circulate in the oil pipe and clean the spray gun and oil pump. Because of the high accuracy of pump and spray gun, do not disassemble at any time when cleaning, so as not to damage.
3. After a week or 50 hours of operation, the pump body, cylinder and leather bowl of the mortar combined machine should be inspected for complete sealing, belt tightness of transmission, pipe joint firmness and tightness, cleaning the exterior of the pump, brushing thin oil to prevent dirt from bonding.
4. The main components such as clutch, backflow unloading valve, reducer and air compressor should be inspected regularly according to their application requirements. In case of wear and tear, it should be adjusted and replaced in time.
5, oil and oil hole dirt of mortar mixer and mortar joint machine should be cleaned
  before filling .
What aspects should be paid attention to when using spray painting machine during the painting process ? Different types of coatings have different spacing. Beijing REIT reminds you that during the construction period, each coating must be constructed according to their own kind, such as brushing, rolling, high-pressure airless spraying and so on. Here is a detailed introduction for you.
1, remember brushing.
Basically, when we use paint brushes to paint, the hardware business network suggests that we should use the best direction of painting, first up and down, then left and right to paint, and during the construction period, the paint brush dipping can not be too much to prevent dropping. Basically, when applying heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings, the distance between the brushes should not be too large to avoid the film being too thin.
2, remember roll coating.
Basically, when we use the roller coating process, the paint on the roller should be evenly distributed. And basically, in the process of painting, the rolling speed must be maintained, not too fast.
3, remember high pressure airless spraying.
In fact, this is the fastest painting method, and according to experts of hardware business network, it can also obtain a very thick paint film. Therefore, in many cases, in order to better achieve the required film thickness, we suggest that we can adopt the construction method of airless spraying.
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