Ecological restoration

In the hope of“Building a green economic industry chain”, ReTo, with high-tech R&D experience and advanced management concepts, divides the ecological restoration industry into five comprehensive business modules, namely, risk assessment and inspection of restored regional geology, solid waste integrated utilization, regional ecological restoration, river basin integrated treatment and the comprehensive development of regional tour resources.

Restored Regional Geology Risk Assessment and Cloud Platform Monitoring

Before the implement of restoration projects for unrestored areas, RETO professional technical team will have an overall inspection for the risks of geological disasters and make construction plans according to real geological environment to avoid incidents such as landslide casualty and severe environmental pollution. Meanwhile, Cloud platform functions as the alarm of monitoring the engineering environment for the purpose of engineering safety.

Solid Waste Integrated Utilization

With rich experience in solid waste integrated utilization industry, RETO provides best solutions to solid waste utilization by using advanced equipment, which can turn solid wastes into new eco-friendly building materials to make good circulation for the green ecological industry chain.

Regional Ecological Restoration

In regional ecological restoration field, the main measures for soil restoration and forest & land restoration are based on the principles of local conditions, landscape coordination, economic and practical, making comprehensive ecological restoration of the mining and tailing storage sites.

River Basin Integrated Treatment

In the field of black odorous water treatment and river management, RETO uses advanced technology to restore and strengthen the main functions of water environment. In addition, to manage life sewage treatment filed, RETO designs and manufactures integrated processing equipment to solve problems like improper discharge of sewage.

Comprehensive Development Of Regional Tour Resources

RETO works with a planning and designing team from China Academy Of Building Research to make ecological landscape designs and cultural tourism plans for regional tourism resources, thus, RETO is able to fully develop cultural tourism programs, promote the constructions of unique towns and create “cultural product incubator”based on local special culture.