RT-QWS-250F/500H/650H Cement tile forming machine
2019-01-16 11:58

Cement tile forming machine introduction:
The cement tile forming machine and its production line are the most advanced production processes in China. The machine uses plastic concrete in a special mold to filter the excess moisture after high pressure to form various required tile blanks. After curing, the cement tile made by spraying various special colored cement tile coatings has high density and weight. The advantages of light and tile type have completely changed the traditional characteristics of rough and tile-type monotony of dry-hardened concrete by rolling forming. In addition, the tile holder required for the pressure filter molding machine does not need to be pressed together with the concrete, and only needs to support the maintenance of the tile blank, so it is pressed by cold-rolled sheet, which has the characteristics of less investment and variety of the pallet. Save a lot of production investment for users.
The main parameters:

Product number RT-QWS-250F RT-QWS-500H RT-QWS-650H
Molding pressure 200ton 300ton 500ton
Molding size 424*337(Ordinary)
Flat tile
Matching tile
980*640(Large) 980*640(Large)
1080*640(Large) 1080*640(Large)
Molding speed 7~8piece/min 3~4piece/min 2~3piece/min
monitor rate 7.5KW 15KW 15KW
Host weight ~4ton ~9ton ~15tom
Dimensions 3100*1600*2600㎜ 4700*1600*2700㎜ 4700*1600*2700㎜


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