RTQT6 Block Making Machine
2019-06-19 15:22

Block Making Machine RTQT6
Intelligent and accurate weighing system ensures the ratio of raw materials. Automatic fast-feeding device and twin-shaft vibrator makes the blocks well-shaped. Mobile stacking device stacks the pallets with blocks automatically and efficiently. Siemens PLC and world-famous brand components guarantee the stability. High capacity and lower investment make RTQT6 more popular. 
●Built of strong section steel with 4 guiding columns with which the mould moves up and down Fast mould change device
●Can be used for the manufacturing of blocks with and without face mix
●The filler system is intergrated one which can be moved out or into body when need 
●The filler box is driven by hydraulic cylinder and the guiding rollers are inside of U rail. Fast, even feeding with agitator
●The compacting system consists of two twin-shaft heavy-duty special synchronous fixed on vibrating table, 
●The hydraulic station consisting of a large-sized oil tank, oil pump, electric motor
●Cooling system is integrated together with the value station


Capacity per Pallet 6 hollow blocks 400*200*200mm
Pallet Size 900*680*35mm
Work Area 820*630mm
Product height 50-220mm
Operation Cycle 15-30s
Vibration Motor 2*5.5kw
Oscillation Force 80kn
Machine weight About 7ton

It is a fully automatic concrete block production line, usually used for producing block, brick, pave, curbstone and so on. 

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