RT-QWS-400J/500J/650J/800J Terrazzo brick forming machine
2019-01-16 12:02
Terrazzo brick forming machine
The machine adopts fully automatic PLC programming control, full hydraulic drive, high pressure molding, reliable performance and convenient operation and use. At the same time, the machine is fully automatic molding, which can completely replace the current production mode of plastic shell molding. Compared with this, the machine has high output and can reduce production costs. At the same time, the product has high density and strength, and can be processed twice, such as shot blasting, drawing, polishing and so on. In addition, a variety of products can be produced by changing the mold. Common specifications are 300*300, 400*400, 500*250, 600*300, etc. The thickness of the product is between 20~50mm, which can be used indoors and outdoors. At the same time, customers can order large-slab brick molds according to the actual price, the tonnage is 300~600 tons, and the molding product specifications are: 930*630, 1230*630, 600*600, 500*500, etc. The machine is a feeding method, and the material is a whole body material.
The main parameters:
Product number RT-QWS-400J型 RT-QWS-500J型 RT-QWS-650J型 RT-QWS-800J型
Molding pressure 200吨 300吨 500吨 500吨
Molding size 300*300
1230*630 820*820
Molding speed 6~7片/分钟 2~3片/分钟 1~2片/分钟 1~2片/分钟
monitor rate 7.5KW 15KW 15KW 15KW
Host weight ~4吨 ~9吨 ~15吨 ~15吨
Dimensions 3100*1600*2600㎜ 4700*1600*2700㎜ 4700*1600*2700㎜ 4700*1600*2700㎜

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