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2019-01-12 20:55
From the second meeting of the 16th session of the People's Congress held on January 21, Haikou learned that in 2017, Haikou will continue to deepen the special remediation of ecological environment, initiate the restoration of marine ecosystems, and focus on strengthening the ecological restoration of the Gulf ports such as Haikou Bay and Xiuying port, to ensure that the seawater quality of 90% coastal waters reaches more than two standards.In addition, the leading cadres of natural resources assets of the audit and the ecological environment damage responsibility lifelong investigation system. 
It is understood that in 2016, Haikou strictly adhere to the red line of ecological protection, a solid development of "six special rectification", the whole year to dismantle the illegal construction of 3.37 million square meters, against the violation of 530,000 square meters. Vigorously manage the urban and rural environment dirty, the rural domestic waste harmless treatment rate reached 95%, the city 576 "three no" community 15 to complete the centralized management; new garbage transfer station 35 seats, toilet 131 seats, kitchen garbage and manure waste harmless treatment plant completed put into use. To start the water pollution control of the town Inland (lake). The first implementation of "River Long System", focusing on 31 water treatment, the main urban water environment function to meet the National Health City standards, the establishment of environmental air quality early warning and forecasting system, the Beibu Gulf atmosphere Joint treatment, the elimination of yellow tagged car, old car 14,000, air quality for seven years in the country ranked first in 74 key cities. Strengthen the rehabilitation and management of cultivated land, maintain the overall stability of soil environmental quality, continue to promote ecological restoration and wetland protection, "green Treasure Island" afforestation 20,000 acres, investigate the south crossing illegal sand 348, completed the Sanjiang Wetland Park planning and design, mangrove ecological environment continued to good.Haikou is also included in the National Key Ecological Functional Zone transfer payment range. 
In 2017, Haikou will continue to deepen the special renovation of ecological environment, strengthen the ecological restoration and wetland protection of "the life community of Shanshui Forest and lake", increase the protection of ecological sensitive areas such as Dongzhaigang mangrove, Yang Shan Wetland, and continue to implement the "Green Treasure Island Action", complete afforestation 10,000 mu, forest coverage is maintained at more than 38%. Promote water treatment, establish and perfect the town (street) three-grade river system in urban area, carry out the pilot of Sponge city construction, explore the implementation of ecological water treatment, improve the urban sewage disposal facilities and the supporting network, strengthen the shouchu and protection of the centralized drinking water source land, pay attention to the natural landscape of water, and build the comfortable environment of human water Continuous strengthening of coastal zone protection and development. Launched the Marine Ecosystem Restoration Project, carried out the Blue Gulf Regulation operation, and focused on strengthening the ecological restoration of the Gulf ports such as Haikou Bay and Xiuying port, to ensure that the seawater quality of 90% inshore waters reaches more than two standards. In-depth investigation of soil environmental quality, increasing the illegal sand dredging in South crossing, strengthening the restoration and treatment of pits, maintaining the overall stability of soil environmental quality, and continuing to carry out special action to rectify illegal construction. Demolition of 2 million square meters during the year, to co-ordinate the demolition of garbage removal, land use, environmental remediation, strengthen township and village planning and construction management, establish a sound violation of the long-term mechanism of violating the control, and firmly promote the creation of "non-violating construction" work.To carry out the special action of Air pollution Prevention, strengthen the construction site dust, automobile exhaust and other governance, to ensure that air quality in 74 key cities in the country continue to maintain the first.
 In order to improve the system of ecological civilization construction, Haikou will implement the strictest environmental protection system in 2017, carry out the audit of natural resources assets and the responsibility of ecological environment damage, and implement the vertical management reform of environmental protection institutions. We should actively carry out environmental pollution and third party assessment, establish diversified capital investment mechanism, perfect the environment standard system, strengthen the construction of ecological environment monitoring network, establish and perfect the system of environmental data sharing and information disclosure.To develop green parks, green factories and other activities to increase the use of new energy vehicles to promote the promotion of green travel, and actively promote and promote green production and green way of life.
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