Building materials is my major, we are working hard for the
2019-01-12 20:55
Reto Ming sheng environmental protection building materials (ChangJiang) co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of reto a high-tech enterprise engaged in the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, the company set project design, manufacture and sales service, to provide green building materials to hainan ecological civilization construction, the main products series include concrete block, aerated concrete, concrete products, color cement tile, green building coatings, building decoration cover board and various kinds of matching building materials, etc.
The company utilize full automatic and integrated production equipment to make full use of local resource advantages and produces concrete products with tailing sand as the main raw material.
Products are widely used in municipal engineering, road construction, garden landscape, water conservancy slope protection, real estate development, large public buildings, civil buildings, interchange platform and railway construction.
Since its establishment, reto mingsheng company has been researching and developing various kinds of permeable bricks, and producing various new construction materials through its large automatic equipment and technology.
From the original style single water permeable brick, upgrade continuously, through the product formula unceasing test, now the company has dazzle quality ecological water permeable brick, ceramic ecological water permeable brick, blind guiding water permeable brick, polishing water permeable brick, silicon sands water permeable brick, natural color sand permeable brick and ordinary permeable brick 7 kinds of water permeable brick, dozens of product styles.
Moreover, it has been fully utilized in various projects in hainan province to solve the problem of single varieties, single style and single color of permeable bricks and meet the needs of modern urban construction and design.
After years of production experience, the permeable brick produced by reto has the following characteristics in terms of quality:
1. The permeability coefficient is superior to national grade A products;
2. Wear resistance, compression resistance, folding resistance, no radiation, long service life up to 50 years;
3. High strength (C40 and C50)
4. Bright and colorful;
5. Good anti-skid;
6. Free color collocation, beautiful and generous;
7. Ecological and environmental protection;
reto company has a complete ecological industrial chain of governance. From the birth of the scheme to the production of products to the completion of the paving, every link is devoted.
We can also design product size and style according to customer's requirement.
In order to fully reflect the creativity of pavement design, we can also design iconic patterns according to the needs of customers and integrate them with the surrounding environment.
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