The construction garbage Resource hundred
2019-01-12 20:55
Q: What is the promotion mode of construction waste resources?
 A:PPP mode. PPP (public-privatepartnership), the public-private partnership model, under which the Government encourages private enterprises to participate in construction waste recycling projects, but does not transfer the construction waste Resources project responsibility to the enterprise, but the government departments to introduce social capital, joint design and development , share the risk, the whole process of cooperation, after the expiry of the handover to the government. The enterprises and enterprises shall first clarify the responsibilities and risks jointly assumed by means of agreement, and then clarify the rights and obligations of each Party in each process of the project to maximize the advantages of each side. Compared with the single bot, the main characteristic of PPP is that the Government participates in the construction management and operation process of the project in a deeper stage, and the enterprise participates in the research, project and so on. Both the government and the business are involved in the process, and the cooperation takes longer and the information is more symmetrical. 
Bot mode under PPP. Bot, namely construction-operation-transfer mode, is an important way for government departments to introduce social capital to participate in infrastructure construction. A concession agreement is signed between the government department of the project location on the construction waste Resource project and the enterprise, which is awarded to the contracting Enterprise to undertake the investment, financing, construction and maintenance of the project, to permit its financing construction and operation of the construction waste recycling project within the concession period stipulated in the agreement, and to recover the investment and make profit. After the expiry of the concession, the contractor will transfer the construction waste recycling project to the government departments without charge or compensation. 
The Boo mode under PPP. Boo is a construction-owned-business model in which companies build and operate construction waste recycling projects based on concessions granted by the government, but do not transfer the project to government departments.
Under this mode, the government department saves a lot of money, material and manpower, and the enterprise can get long-term return from the construction and operation of the building waste Resource project. 
The State Council's opinion on the implementation of third party governance of Environmental pollution (State Office (2014)69) clearly pointed out that "to the good business of municipal sewage, garbage disposal facilities, the use of franchising, commissioned operations, such as the introduction of social capital." According to the construction and operation characteristics of the construction waste resource-based project, the city with the condition is given priority to implement the bot mode under PPP, and it does not have the condition to carry out the bot mode and implement the PPP model.The Government of the project should sign the franchise contract with the contractor of the Construction waste Resource project, and give the Enterprise franchise a period of not less than 30.
Q: What are the key points of the construction waste resource? 
A: Clear the public welfare of construction waste Resources project: To promote the utilization of construction waste resources, in accordance with the "Thirteen-Five" planning requirements, adhere to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, adhering to the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" development concept, focus on building a resource-saving, environmentally friendly society, An important initiative to fully conserve and efficiently utilize resources. Through the use of construction waste resources, not only to create good economic benefits, but also for the public to bring enormous environmental benefits and social benefits, so the construction of waste recycling project is a social welfare property of the project, in the project should be clear, this will help the project as soon as possible landing and efficiency release. 
To define the land use nature of the construction waste Recycling project: As the construction waste resources project belongs to the public welfare industry, according to the current classification of land use status, its construction land uses the nature of "common management and public service land", and class two is classified as "public facilities land".
In view of this, according to the different project construction mode, its land price and supporting costs can choose the following two ways: PPP under the bot model, the land price free transfer, exempt from all the supporting costs; the Boo mode under PPP is executed at the lowest price stipulated by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and is exempt from all ancillary expenses. 
Supporting policy: the implementation of construction waste disposal charge policy. The State Council's opinion on the implementation of third party governance of Environmental pollution (State Office (2014)69) clearly pointed out that "in the environmental public facilities, industrial park and other key areas, the implementation of environmental pollution of third-party governance model" "to improve the sewage, waste disposal charge policy, appropriate increase the charging standard" To expedite the development of policies to promote the application of green building materials. September 2015, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Housing, Urban and rural construction jointly issued the "Promotion of green building materials production and application action plan" to promote the building materials industry stable growth, adjust structure, transfer mode, benefiting, better serve the new urbanization and green building development, strengthen construction waste management work. In order to improve the proportion of construction waste resource utilization, to improve the operation efficiency of construction waste resource utilization Project, we need to strengthen the management to ensure the demolition of construction waste, transportation, recycling industry chain closed operation, to establish a "green channel" to promote the project. Construction waste recycling projects involving land, environmental protection, construction, municipal, planning, finance, transportation and other departments, local governments should set up a project leadership group and promote the work of the Office, to strengthen coordination and guidance, the establishment of "one-stop" service "green channel" to expedite the processing of various administrative approvals, including franchise, production license, Transport permits and other types of qualifications to ensure that the project construction and operation can be smoothly promoted.
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