Annual Spring meeting of China Building Block Association
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Documents of China Building Block Association
Zhongli Xiezi (2017) No. 02
On Convening the Annual Conference of Chinese Building Block Association in Spring 2017
Notice of the Eighth Seventh Council
Membership units and relevant units:
Originally planned to be held at the end of March, "China Building Block Association 2017 Member Congress", due to various factors of the original.
As a result, it was postponed until mid-April. Because of the many "external factors" that have been closely related to the development of the industry (or the association) recently,
Significant changes have taken place, such as the national suspension of the collection of the "New Wall Material Development Fund" (commonly known as:
The Ministry of Housing and Construction has introduced the concept of "Green Road Planning and Construction", and the provincial (municipal) business departments are gradually formulating the concept.
"Detailed Rules". Technical bottlenecks begin in the construction of permeable pavement in the pilot cities of "Sponge City Construction" nationwide.
Attention has been paid; China Building Block Association itself is also facing a turning point (association management decoupling, enterprise self-management, business)
Direction, etc.) Question? The conference will now be adjusted to "China Building Block Association 2017 Spring Annual Conference and Seventh Annual Conference"
At the eighth session of the Council, the relevant matters were notified as follows:
I. Meeting time:
1) The Eighth Meeting of the Seventh Council of China Building Block Association was held from 19:00 to 22:00 p.m. on April 16, 2017.
2) All-day on April 17, 2017: Spring Annual Meeting of China Building Block Association 2017;
3) Visiting and visiting activities from 8:00 to 16:00 on April 18, 2017.
Representatives registered on April 16, 2017.
II. Specific agenda of the meeting
1) Seven Eighth Councils
- Note by the Secretariat on the failure of the Council to renew on schedule;
- Re-discuss the list of candidates for the eighth session of the Council. The summary of the five sessions of the seven councils will be held in Huangshan in 2012.
On the basis of the resolutions of the Seven Seventh Council of Shanghai in 2015, we should reorganize and discuss the new leadership structure of the association.
How to adapt to the changing external environment.
The Secretariat submits for discussion, consideration (or adoption): a draft of the Association's new constitution and new membership fee standards; approval of the Association
Start the work of formulating and promulgating "Technical Guidelines"; discuss and approve the promulgation of "On-site Testing Guidance for Permeable Pavement Permeability"
Discuss and analyze the future trend of market demand for concrete block (brick) products, aiming at tax revenue and wall
The impact of fund reform and other issues, such as guiding the direction of development of the industry and other principled issues.
Listen to the Secretariat's report on the financial revenue and expenditure of the Association in 2015 and 2016.
Nine members of the preparatory group for the eighth session of the Council established at the seventh session of the Council in Shanghai in 2015 are invited to attend the fourth session of the council.
Arrive at the hotel before 14:00 p.m. on June 16.
2) Spring Annual Meeting of China Building Block Association 2017
Transactional content: Discuss and adopt new association charter and fee standard.
Information and Technology Exchange Activities
Current Situation and Development Trend of China's Concrete Block (Brick) Industry
Application Practice of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Block Wall
Secretariat of China Building Block Association
Professor Wang Fenglai of Harbin University of Technology
Production and Application of Assembled Concrete Masonry Wall Based on German Barrier Code Multiplier Technology
Professor Huang Liang of Hunan University
Construction Practice of Single Building in Rural Areas with Concrete Decorative Blocks Wang Yaoyun, Sanhe Haoyuan New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Consideration on Domestic Concrete Block Industry from the Development of Assembly Great Limestone Blocks in Germany
German ISOCOM Company Lai Shicheng
Application Practice of Plastic Film Winding Machine and Packing Machine on Concrete Block (Brick) Production Line
Xi'an Yinma Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Development of high strength foam concrete thermal insulation block
Brief Interpretation of CCUA-T01:2017 "Technical Guidelines for Field Permeability Testing of Permeable Pavement"
Secretariat of China Building Block Association
Tianjin Morrist Building Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Application of Dry Formed Concrete Imitated Sintered Large Green Paving Bricks on the Floor of Beijing Palace Museum
Beijing Jinshuntong Building Materials Factory
Changchun Municipal Engineering Design Institute
Xuchang Five-Star Industrial Co., Ltd.
Causes and Solutions of "Pan-alkali" on Concrete Surface
Application Exploration of Prefabricated Concrete Block Subgrade
Application of Concrete Block Ecological Slope Protection in Shandong Water Conservancy Project
Some Experiences of Overseas Technical Investigation in 2016
Domestic Practice of Crevice Permeable Concrete Pavement Bricks
Shandong Provincial Institute of Water Resources Survey and Design
Du Jiandong, China Building Block Association
(In real-time updates, please keep an eye on updates of conference content on the Association's website)
3) Visits
Line: Shandong Yongfeng Technology Co., Ltd. - The production line mainly imported from German Martha 9.1 Molding Machine.
Japan Tiger TGV6 molding machine production line, domestic off-line concrete pavement brick (slab) shot blasting deep processing production line.
Lunch, Shaomen Plain Reservoir, Jiyang County, Shandong Province (revetment block project, completed).
(It can stop at Jinan Yaoqiang Airport at about 16:00 on its return journey. Delegates who plan to return on the same day are advised to order 17:00.
Later departure flights
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