RETO Launched The TO C Sales Model via
2019-03-01 09:17
RETO announced the grand opening of the ‘RETO Flagship Store’ at on 12/24/2018. After two months of trial operation, RETO Flagship Store has achieved good market response. This is the first project landed to explore the online market after the strategic cooperation agreement signed by both parties in order to develop the distribution channels; household micro-eco products and characteristic ecological town.
Combination of online and offline sales mode
As a pioneer of recycling of solid wastes, RETO produces eco-friendly construction material, which has outstanding features of water permeable, compression resistance, wear resistance, skid resistance, appearance and noise reduction. Such materials have been widely used in side roads, public squares, landscape gardens and industrial zones and has competitive advantages in the ‘Sponge City’ Construction Projects that are energetically advocated by the nation.
The traditional offline distribution method has been widely used by RETO and it keeps a stable demands and user viscosity, however, the cost is relatively higher. The online method enhances RETO’s distribution method and reduces the cost and will be widely used by smaller sized end user B or C. The combination of online and offline sales will strongly increase RETO’s market competitiveness and profitability.

Optimize the distribution networks to cover the whole country
With the benefits from the logistics capabilities of JD’s powerful global logistics network, RETO will gain more prospective customers within its distribution distance of the traditional distribution method. RETO has set up warehouses in Shandong, Hebei, Anhui, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Henan, Hainan etc. and nation coverage of RETO’s warehouses will achieve very soon. Then, RETO could ship its products to the online customers from the nearest warehouse to reduce the delivery time as well as to provide customer supporting services of construction and maintenance. 

Household micro-eco products expected
RETO has established a high-end mode of ‘One-stop’ high-tech ecological restoration and integrated recycling of solid wastes within its business ranges. For example, RETO could develop a restoration plan based on the specific features of a polluted area and use its equipment to recycle the solid wastes and to produce eco-friendly construction materials which could later be used for the restoration project of this area.
Besides, RETO is taking great efforts on household micro-eco products at this stage. The first ‘Intelligence Balcony’ is currently under testing and this product could take the advantage of the national-wide, standardized design of balconies to improve the micro-eco quality of the household. Also, it could provide customers the eco-friendly, intelligence and personalized balconies by using high quality stone materials filtered from the mining management. RETO’s micro-eco product targets individual households and which in return, will assist the company to expand the sales model from To B to C.
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