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2019-01-12 19:54

June 26, Jingdong with well-known building materials and ecological construction Enterprises Rui Chart shares announced a strategic cooperation. The cooperation between the two sides will be carried out in many fields, such as building materials sales, family micro-ecological product development, and ecological town construction. Jingdong will give full play to its advantages in the platform and big data and other technical fields, through the integration of resources to enhance the operation of the building materials in the field of performance and service quality, together with the authority of the map and the authorities to research and development of family micro-ecological technology and products, and logistics, finance, "No" technical power, etc. Create a sample of smart ecological town.This cooperation in providing consumers with intelligent products and life, while actively responding to and promote China's green development policy, to achieve the mutual brand value and social value of the common growth. 

  Jingdong Power Building materials business supply chain integration help the Swiss map on-line transformation After decades of rapid growth, the size of my national assembly industry has now reached 4.2 trillion. But at the same time, the building materials industry due to long-term rough-type management, offline trading chain lengthy, industry dispersion, layer agent distribution, transparency and low characteristics.For the industry pain Point, jingdong to their own logistics, big data and other capabilities to integrate, in May this year formally launched the building materials business, to open the Beijing club installed supply chain last ring, thus Jingdong "unbounded retail" also covered the whole area of decoration. 

As the industry well-known ecological building materials Enterprises, Rui Map in recent years is actively exploring the Internet transformation. With this cooperation as an opportunity, the products and services will be more efficient directly facing individual consumers and B-end businesses, in reducing the effectiveness of the increase while providing a better user experience.At the same time, Jingdong building materials business will also be in the procurement, warehousing and other links to upgrade the industrial chain, and through the "integration of suppliers, precision touch users, provide professional services" three strategies to open up the industry up and down the barriers to travel, improve the supply chain of building materials industry efficiency, to achieve a stable, high-speed growth. 
Sinlijun, vice president of Jingdong Group, president of Jingdong Mall home life Division, said: "The building materials industry is large but the sales channel single, inefficient, Jingdong line building materials business is to enhance the entire building materials industry chain operating efficiency, to create a common platform for the industry.Jingdong and Jutou are well-known enterprises in their respective fields, we hope that the cooperation with Rui Map can become the industry example, for the transformation of other enterprises to provide reference ".
Open All-round deep cooperation Jingdong "unbounded" to create wisdom "new ecology" 
In this cooperation, Jingdong and Rui Map also in the family micro-ecological, ecological town construction and other fields have reached a cooperative intention. Jingdong as the industry's leading e-commerce platform, after more than 10 years of development has accumulated a strong e-commerce capabilities, and in the big data, artificial intelligence, unmanned technology and other areas have the advantage of resources. Jutou in the building materials business, the solid waste in the use of resources, ecological building materials, urban and rural and family environmental ecological construction and other fields are also in the forefront of the industry, with technical advantages and rich experience in project operations. 
Jingdong and the future will play the advantages of both sides, and jointly explore the family micro-ecological products and services, characteristics of small town construction and other fields. such as in the family micro-ecological field, Rui Map is currently committed to research and development of family micro-ecological solutions, in the "smart balcony" and other domestic micro-ecological product development in the forefront of the industry, Jingdong will play its own in the big data, user precision touch the advantages, and Jutou together to promote the development and promotion of family micro-ecological products to meet In the area of eco-town construction, Rui Map is to create a number of tourism, smart town through its own technical means, launched a "Hundred Small Town" project, and the future jingdong of the unmanned supermarket, no convenience store, unmanned distribution, as well as Beijing East payment and other ecological town has a huge space for cooperation.
These collaborations have exploratory strategic value both for the two sides as well as for the industry. 
"We not only want Jingdong to become the online sales platform for the Li Hengfang, but also hope that Jingdong's technology, such as unmanned retail, unmanned distribution, big data and so on, can help us with our ecological construction," said the chairman and CEO of Rui-an eco AG.The deep cooperation with Jingdong will enhance the efficiency of the eco-construction of the map, and will bring more people and consumers a smarter life and consumption experience. "
 Earlier, Liu, chairman and chief executive officer of Jingdong Group, said: "Jingdong hopes to help all entities to return to their origins through ' unbounded retailing ', so that every profit is built on the basis of creating value for the industry." As the representative of the two emerging industries of the Internet and eco-environment, the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Rui is of great significance not only to maintain the advantages of both sides and enhance the influence, but also to become the example of the Internet economy to help the social construction, and finally realize the enterprise value, social value,Ecological value of mutual benefit.
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